In every landlord and tenant relationship the requirement to repair and maintain the building can become an issue at some point during the lease term, whether at commencement, rent review or termination of the lease. Leases are open to different interpretations particularly in relation to repairs. Our knowledge of this - often complex - issue has allowed us to act on behalf of landlords and tenants.

When acting for landlords, we carry out inspections to establish if the tenant is properly maintaining their building. Where this is not the case we prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations. This will list the areas where the tenant has not complied with the lease and is responsible for repairs. We check the work when complete or negotiate costs to allow the landlord carry out the works.

When acting for tenants we ensure that repairs requested by the landlord are not excessive and are justifiable under the terms of the lease and under the law. We have also acted for tenants where repair obligations are limited to maintaining the building in its present condition. In these cases we prepare a full Schedule of Condition detailing all defects and recording the condition of the building prior to the lease being signed.

Estimation of the cost of Dilapidation's Claims have been carried out in several cases to negotiate a financial settlement.