Brickwork turning white in colour

Noel Larkin answers a readers question published in the Irish Times March 31st 2016 Q In my new home, which I purchased last year, I notice the brickwork is beginning to turn white in colour. Can you explain what this is, and what is the remedy to return it to its original colour? A The issue you…
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Unwanted noise

Noel Larkin answers a readers question in the Irish Times Property Clinic, published 10th March 2016. Q I live on a busy cut through road. Our windows are quite old so we tend to have a lot of condensation in colder months and they do little to block out noise. We have received four quotes for…
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BCAR ‘opt out’ – The Consequences

With just over four months elapsed since the second amendment to the Building Control Regulations, which allows an option to ‘‘opt out’’ of the need to appoint an Assigned Certifier (AC), reports from the Local Authority Building Control, states that there was a sharp fall in the submission of Commencement Notices before 1st September introduction,…
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